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Welcome to Massage for Health and Fitness. Massage for Health and Fitness was founded in 2003 by Nigel Hunt. Nigel received his Associate degree in massage therapy and completed seven New York City Marathons and one Boston marathon. Nigel is currently lead therapist with Massage for Health and Fitness. Massage for Health and Fitness consist of three division. Their corporate division provides On-Site chair massage to: Office, corporate wellness, trade shows, parties, special events, employee appreciation day, teachers appreciation week, and house calls . Their fitness division consist of: strength training, core strength, cardio, body tone, body sculpt, stretching for range of motion and flexibility, deep breathing for stress reduction and relaxation. Their therapeutic division provides: Swedish massage, deep tissue, aroma massage, shiatsu massage, non-surgical facelift massage, medical massage, prenatal massage, sports massage, Swedish/deep tissue combo, Swedish/deep/aroma combo, and Swedish/deep/sports combo. This division is also available for out calls. At Massage for Health and Fitness they are concerned with the whole person, and not just the symptoms. They examine lifestyles and choices that could be effecting the person quality of life by way of premature ageing, type one and type two diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high blood sugar,(excess sugar) oxidation, stress and inflammation. Visit their website, give them a call or contact them through their contact us page,

Again,Welcome to Massage For Health and Fitness.

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